Paris Internship Recap

Last week our team in Paris hosted an internship for some German bible school students. We have participated in internships before and were excited to do so again. This time was a little different in that we were their main hosts and our project was their main focus. They got a glimpse of one other project south of Paris but every other day we got to be together for trainings, meals, prayer & devotions, and outreach. They got to experience “simple church” with us one Sunday morning (what it looks like when you’re just a handful of people in someone’s living room). And they got to meet many other teammates from the larger team in France at an informal “Apéro”, getting a bigger picture of the different ministries and projects.

We wanted them to really experience ministry in our part of the city. So each afternoon we sent them out.

  • One day, they used their maps to explore the area praying as they went.
  • The next afternoon, they had some $$ and were told to be creative, go and bless people with it. This project was a challenge as they saw how suspicious people are of accepting anything from a stranger, even if it’s a good thing.
  • The other two days together we went out, gathering information through doing surveys and passing out invitations to an event on Friday night called “Apéro Théo.” It was the first time we hosted such an event and we learned some valuable lessons (which we suspected), people in Paris are not likely to come to an event (especially a religious one) if they don’t know someone who’s there. But it really was a good experience for all of us, getting a more accurate reading on the spiritual pulse (of lack there of) in our neighborhood. And we all gained more confidence in approaching and talking to people.

We are so thankful to have had the chance to spend a week with these students. They were a great team and it was a real privilege to invest in one another’s lives and love the people of Paris together.

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Ryan’s first sermon in French

Ryan preached his first sermon in French a couple weeks ago. A lot of people, myself included, were very proud of him and he got a lot of encouraging feedback. He spent a good 2 months preparing, studying the passage and coming up with his ideas and outline, writing the whole thing in French, and practicing it so he could know it backwards and forwards. I wanted to share a little clip with you in case you wanted to see him in action.

The message was on Genesis 12:1–3

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.””

The main points of the message were:

  1. God has a plan to fix the world
  2. His plan works through a people
  3. Through Christ, we can join God’s plan to be a blessing to the world

If that video was too short for your liking, you can listen to the whole message here.

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Whirlwind June: World Team Internship

I had planned to post a lot in June because there was so much happening that I wanted to inform you about, but often the most productive and fruitful times of ministry are when we are most likely to go silent because there just isn’t time for everything. So forgive these rather late updates.

One of the highlights for Ryan and I in June was helping direct the World Team summer internship. We had three awesome ladies take part and serve during that time. It had been five years since we really got to be a part of the internship, and back then… we were the interns, so it was awesome to be on the other side. Working with young adults is honestly one of both my and Ryan’s greatest passions in ministry. I love the energy and openness they have, and getting to walk alongside them, cheering them on, often as they make key life decisions. Here are just a couple of explanations about what the internship looked like this year.

  • During their time we jumped right in (literally the day one of our interns arrived, sorry Allison!), starting out with some Gospel-centered teaching sessions and mentoring times. This lasted for a couple days. We wanted to see where they were at and make sure they were feeling connected to God and were intentionally cared for by a mentor (this year since it was three ladies, it was me and two other women colleagues doing the mentoring).
  • Then there was a training time on the Paris Prayer Conference, where they learned about what all their responsibilities would be before and during that week. One of the more intimidating things they had to learn was the entire public transportation system of Paris & the surrounding suburbs, because once the conference started they met people at the airport and helped the participants with basically anything they needed.
  • Another key purpose of the internship was to expose the ladies as much as possible to French culture and the Christian culture here. So they got to visit several churches, hear testimonies of a few French pastors, and visit key places and museums in Paris.
One of the Gospel teaching sessions at our place
One of the interns leading her group throughout Paris

They were such a fun group and very quickly became an amazing team. It was such a joy to get to help guide their experience, but mostly just to hangout with them. The World Team internship is an annual opportunity for young adults, college age and older. It looks a little different each year depending on what’s going on here, but often helping with the prayer conference is a key component. Stay tuned in case you or someone you know is interested in applying.

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