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As we mentioned, our desire is to start new communities of believers in France, but there is no way to do this on our own. We need partners in many forms. So here are a few tangible ways you can get involved.

1) Pray. There is a passage in the book of Acts where Peter is in jail and it seems more than certain that he is going to be executed, but despite what looks like a certain death there is a simple line that says, “but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” God miraculously frees Peter from prison, and he escapes execution. The lesson we can draw from this story is that prayer is powerful. Prayer can bring about what is seemingly impossible. You can check our blog for prayer updates or contact us to receive our monthly prayer letter. Whatever way you choose, we would treasure and value your earnest prayer on our behalf.

2) Give. I read about a pastor once who encouraged people to “diversify their Kingdom portfolio.” There are a host of good things we should be giving to: relief efforts, our own churches, individual missionaries, etc. Why not consider giving to see the Gospel brought to a place of spiritual darkness? Who knows how far your investment could go, and how many people’s lives could be transformed by your giving? You can support us personally here, or you could invest directly towards the training of French church planters.

3) Come and Join us. Our organization hosts a week-long prayer conference, where partners can come and see the work we and our greater team is doing and pray. We also have an annual Internship for young adults. Or lastly, if you’re really serious, contact us to learn more about what it would mean to join us here in France long-term as a church planter.

4) Advocate. Spread the word. Tell people about the need in France, and about the work that is taking place. We often think of the mission field as places like Africa, Asia, or South America. But the truth is all three of those regions are much better off, spiritually speaking, than France. The Church in Africa, South America, and Asia is growing by leaps and bounds, while the French Church has been in decline for almost one hundred years. If you can open someone’s eyes to the need for the Gospel in France, then who knows how God could use them?

So, you could help by praying, giving, coming, and advocating. As the Body of Christ we all must work together to help accomplish God’s purposes in the world. We’d love for you to work together with us.

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