C'est La Rentrée

Our first real ‘Rentrée’

We just returned to Paris after three months back in the U.S. and a few days after getting back our son (E), 3 years old, started his first year of French public school. A few hours into the first day my friend (K) called to ask how I was doing. She told me this.

“In France, ‘La Rentrée’ (translated as re-entry in the beginning of September) is more important than January 1st. ‘La Rentrée’ is actually the new year. All the kids return to school or daycare, and most of the adults return to work after having had a full month of vacation in August. December 31st we may have a party, but ‘La Rentrée’ is the most busy and important fresh start to the year.”

And she is right, it feels like a new year for us as E is in school now and the new ministry year begins. We have reconnected with our teammates after the summer apart and we are ready to jump back into our relationships, bible studies, service projects and more.

So as we jump back in, would you spend a few minutes to pray for our larger World Team France team?

  • Pray for the 10 different churches, church plants, and projects that are in process
  • Pray for our 18 kids who have returned to or started school for the first time, plus 1 who is in college in the U.S. this year.
  • Pray for our friends and the many people we will serve this year, for the Spirit’s leading in their lives and ours and for the softening of many hearts towards Christ.


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