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Home Assignment 2018 : Nearing the halfway mark

Every two years, we have the task and privilege to return to the U.S. for a couple months to reconnect with ministry partners, families and friends. So that’s what we are doing this summer, plus we need to raise up new ministry partners. We will share more about this need of raising up new partners in some future posts, but for now we just want to share what we’ve been up to in the last month and a half.

We spent 3 awesome weeks in Boston and Marblehead, Massachusetts areas where we were so encouraged by our home church and many dear friends. The first 5 years (of almost 11 so far) of our marriage were spent there and we have many fond memories of the area and that time in our lives. We were very encouraged by the love we were shown, and how good it was to see so many dear friends. We ate really well! We had fun boating, meeting people, having play dates with other families, and seeing most of our friends and ministry partners there, including 3 supporting churches.

Next, we passed through Pennsylvania and visited two dear families for a couple day stopover. The Shorb family (friends and former teammates in France) hosted a house party and introduced us to their families and friends and invited us to share about our work in Paris. It was a privilege to be invited into a sample of their web of connections and some new relationships and ministry partnerships were formed.

Then we made it to Ohio where most of our family lives, and have been reconnecting with them including a mini vacation with Ryan’s family after the 4th of July. E (our 2 yr old son) is having an wonderful time. He has been pretty spoiled with his own room most of the time, abundant toys and green space everywhere we go. He loves visiting with everyone, especially other kids and animals. 

That’s a glimpse into our Home Assignment so far. In the next series, we will start giving you a broader glimpse into our ministry and some practical ways you can get involved if that’s how the Lord leads you.

4th of July

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