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New Prayer Book

For quite some time Ryan has said he wanted to write more, and maybe someday even to write books, you know maybe later in life when he has more wisdom and more experience. But recently he decided that it was kind of silly to wait, and that, even though it’s probably true that when he’s older he may have more wisdom and experience, it’s not like he has no wisdom and experience now. And more time is not really a guarantee anyway, is it?

So this prayer book was born, How to Talk to God: Developing a Meaningful Practice of Prayerand it is very Ryan. What I mean by that is that it’s very deep and spot on in its wisdom, but it also comes across very clear and practical in its story and advice. That’s how Ryan is. He is brilliant (although he won’t admit it), but he has a way of communicating complex ideas very simply and sometimes with perfect analogies. He often helps me understand things on a whole different level than I thought about them before. And what matches Ryan’s intelligence is his discipline. Those of us who know him well, know how disciplined he is. Sometimes I admire his discipline like crazy, and sometimes it drives me crazy, if I’m being honest, because I do not have the same gift. Even if I said we were eating healthy from now on, we’re still ordering pizza tonight (it’s pizza night after all), and I’m even lactose intolerant. But not Ryan, if he values something highly, he sticks with it and spends a lot of time pursuing it.

And prayer, being in dialog with the God and King of the universe, is one of his top priorities. It’s not the longest book, it is a solid six chapters, but it’s all good stuff. So if you’re interested, check it out (in kindle or print edition) on Amazon here. The more ratings and reviews it gets, hopefully even more people will read it, so if you do happen to read it and like it, please comment on it too. Thanks!

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