Summer Wrap-up

Our time on Home Assignment in America is over and we have returned to France. So how was it, the summer that is? Like most things in life, it was kind of a mixed bag, because we had so many joys and good times but also a lot of fatigue and stress when it didn’t seem like our financial needs could be met. But overall there were many more joys than stresses for which we are thankful.

Seeing family was wonderful and having it be a bit more laid back and not rushed was truly a gift. E got to meet so many family members he didn’t know he had, and do so many fun things with his grandparents. We even squeezed in a week of vacation in Tennessee with my (Erin’s) family. We will cherish the memories of these times until we’re together in person again, but we are so thankful for technology; which allows us to keep in touch regularly even from a distance.

We spent quality one-on-one time with over a hundred individuals and families, which we enjoyed so much because we got to better know what’s been going on in their lives. We saw many of our good friends, although one of the bittersweet elements was that some we didn’t get to see and some we could only see once or twice because of all the other things we needed to do. But we reflected on how unique it is that we can do this, not many people, as part of their jobs I might add, get to take a couple of months every few years to travel around and see people they know and care about. So even if it will never be perfect we are really thankful for this privilege.

We also visited 12 churches and several small groups and bible studies. It was a joy to be with all these different church families and worship in English! While visiting our home church in Massachusetts we dedicated E to the Lord, a simple act that acknowledges our hope and faith that he will make a personal decision to love the Lord too one day. It is incredible to have so many brothers and sisters in Christ who walk alongside us in our lives and work. Thank you to every person who has blessed us or invested in us in some way this summer and the last several years. We simply cherish your friendship, your partnership and your ceaseless prayers on our behalf.

And now, we’re back in Paris, “La Rentrée” or the start of the school & business year has begun and our church plant is truly getting started. We’re pumped and ready to go!!

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