Home is where your heart is

So we are back in the U.S. for three months on our first “Home Assignment.” It used to be called “Furlough” which means rest, but the name has been changed because most workers run around constantly while on home assignment and don’t find much rest until they return to their host countries (France for us).

We’ve been back 3 weeks already and it’s been mixed for us. We have had really busy days and slow days. But on the slow days it is true that it’s hard to rest because we have so many people we want to see and so much support we need to raise this summer, that even when we don’t have anything scheduled, it feels like we should keep working to schedule something. I don’t think this is good, so we are praying and striving to find a better balance.

Upon arrival, it did feel a bit strange to be back. The way we’ve learned to greet and spend time with people in France is a little different than here. Everything seems bigger and more spread out as well. But after settling in, the old comforts of America begin to feel comfortable again. Seeing family has been the sweetest highlight so far, for them to get to hold and love on our son means the world to us and them. To visit ministry partners (both churches and individuals) and friends is such an encouragement that has boosted our spirits.

Overall, we’ve settled in and are excited for our summer back “home”. Many people have asked if it’s good to be home. And it really is. But also, we’ve realized that now we have more than one home, which can feel either or both bitter and sweet depending on the day.

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