Fall 2015: Where did you go?

So a lot has happened in the last 2 months. As most of our readers know, all 12 of you (just kidding, kind of), our son Elias was born on September 13th. There will be a “Having a kid in France: Part III” post coming soon about actually having a baby in France. But in the meantime, this is just a mini-update.

Elias is an awesome little guy and we couldn’t be more thankful to God that he is healthy and there were no complications to speak of. We know this is never a given or a guarantee so we don’t take it for granted. He has added much joy and love to our lives and has taken quite a bit of our sleep, patience and grace at other times. He has already been to the American Embassy to apply for his social security card and passport. He has also been with us to the French Police Prefecture to reapply for our VISA’s, which we were approved for again (whew!). And he has taken lots of strolls around the city, mastering all modes of transportation except traveling by boat.

Even though we are still in a huge adjustment stage, little by little, we are feeling able to do more normal things. Going to church, hanging out with friends, getting administrative and other important ministry tasks done, and even traveling. We are really thankful for these things, as much as it’s fun admiring and caring for Elias, it feels really good to have other things going on too. We are feeling encouraged about our work as well. We had a great team meeting a few weeks ago that made us eager for the year ahead. We are feeling more and more rooted in our neighborhood as we recognize and get to know more people nearby. We joined another “club” about the history and architecture of our area of Paris. And we’ve started attending the regular “town meetings” where people from our area meet to discuss new initiatives and other local issues. Last week we attended a training with our organization in Italy and gained some new skills to better thrive here in France and in our work. This is just a brief peak into what we’ve been up to the last two months, other than feeding and changing a baby.

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