New World Team France Colleagues

We are really pumped to welcome new World Team France teammates and friends Riley and Alissa Brookings to France this week! We’ve had the joy of knowing Riley for many years, he and Ryan share a deep love for The Simpsons, and we’ve loved getting to know Alissa the last couple of years. They are a very impressive couple who bring with them a lot of great gifts and strengths. They will follow a similar track that we followed, starting with language school this year, probably an internship next year, and then they will be placed on a church-planting team. Please join us in celebrating these new workers into the harvest (always a huge answer to prayer) and also in praying that they would have a great start here in France. Please pray…

  • For their adjustment to French culture and their ability to learn the French language
  • That God would be their source of strength and joy in the midst of culture shock, which we all go through in one form or another
  • Also, that he would direct them to the team and project here that is the best fit for them
  • And lastly, remember their families and friends in the U.S. Often people will ask us (or even praise us) for the sacrifices we make to leave home, but remember the huge sacrifices our loved ones also make in seeing us go, often when they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. Thank you!
Riley and Alissa at their first day of language school
Standing at the door of their first apartment in France!
Like us they are on the 4th floor with no elevator

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