Whirlwind June: Paris Prayer Conference

I wanted to tell you a little about the annual Paris Prayer Conference. It had also been 5 years since we got to be a part of the prayer conference because last year we were still in language school. But let me tell you, it was awesome. It was a week in length and during that time the group visited a church on Sunday, they heard from some of the most prominent Christian pastors and leaders about the state of Christianity in France, and they visited several World Team projects (there were also opportunities to eat well and explore too, the perks of being in a world-class city). World Team projects are churches at all stages of maturity, ours is the youngest, but there are a couple projects a few years ahead of us, and several that are 15–30 years ahead of us. And of course the main purpose of the prayer conference is to pray, so the participants spent a lot of time investing in the work of prayer.

Throughout the 19 years the prayer conference has been happening, there have been many amazing answers to prayer, some of the most prominent being when the group went to locations where there was no church and prayed, and within months, leaders were mobilized and projects started in those locations. Many people think it’s strange to go on a missions trip where prayer is the focus, they would rather build something or help in another very tangible way, but the reality is that prayer is a big part of the work here. France is a very spiritually dark place and there are a lot of strongholds that need broken before the outpouring of God’s loving presence really takes root. A main prayer focus for this year was (and is) for God to send & equip more French workers into the harvest. Of course, we need workers from everywhere to everywhere, but a huge need here is for more French leaders to be raised up to work alongside us. It is a prayer we can be bold and confident about because Jesus himself told his followers to ask for this and that he would grant it. So if you’re curious about this annual event, let us know. For us, serving at the prayer conference in 2010 was one of the key moments God used to call us to come back.

Our Director, Jerry, introducing Daniel Liecht, a leading scholar who has done amazing work on the statistics of Christianity in France (much harder considering the government doesn’t collect any religious statistics)
The participants getting to work, praying for France in light of what they just learned
Some of the group in our neighborhood, learning about and praying for our project


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