Shining the light of Christ through music

World Team France had the joy of welcoming college band “Damascus Road” from Cairn University for a few weeks. They traveled around Ile de France (the greater Paris area) putting on concerts and music workshops for kids. They kept their spirits high even as they battled fatigue and a bad cold that circulated throughout the whole group.


In France, there is a lot of interest in Gospel music and American music in general. So the free concerts were a great way to invite people from different communities to come out for a good time and also get to hear a little bit about who God is, and about new churches that are starting in their neighborhood. The band also ran a kids workshop where they played for the kids as well as showed them a little bit about how to play each instrument.


It was a great experience both for us on the ground here and for them, and as we sent them back to the U.S. this week, we pray the Lord continues to bless the band and direct each one of their lives! And if you’re reading this, you’re in a band, and you are thinking “I want to do that,” let’s talk.

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