Our Paris Kitchen

In a post a couple weeks ago here, I mentioned that we were doing some work on our kitchen. In France and other parts of Europe, it is still fairly common to get an apartment with next to nothing in the kitchen. When we got our place, our kitchen had one very old cabinet with a huge sink and a gas range… and that was it. So we had to get appliances, and we decided it was worth it to replace the base cabinet and add a few other cabinets for more storage. The kitchen has a lot of interesting angles and old external pipes that made planning a little bit tricky. But with a little planning and the help of friends, teammates, and a trip to IKEA, our “petite cuisine” or little kitchen became a whole lot more functional. Here are some pictures that capture the process. 
The before shot
We got a great deal on our oven and fridge from a couple who was moving 
Our kitchen still in boxes
Demo day, we had to clean behind the cabinet and the pipe needed re-sealed
Ryan and our friend Andrew assembling all the elements 
The day of installation
Two of our directors worked for us for the day, what an incredible gift!
And here’s our kitchen now, this is the first time we’ve ever had a dishwasher,
or a washing machine. We feel truly blessed and maybe even a little spoiled. 
If we get a microwave, it will go where my cookbooks are, we still
need to add a new backsplash and touch up the wall a bit
The other wall
So if you come and visit, I will make you dinner

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