Language School Wrap-up

It is hard to believe, but our full-time language studies have come to an end. We will continue to study and work on our french until we feel fully confident and comfortable in the language, but not with the same intensity as these first 10 months. We’ve now experienced and seen how important it is to be very strong in the language if we want to invest in France long-term. Not feeling fully confident can add extra pressure and stress to both the little and the not so little things we do everyday. But we can say with confidence that in these 10 months of intensive study, we have learned a lot and improved a ton. There are days when our french just flows and we have no problems, but there are still days that we struggle to find the right words or sentence structures. It is such a cool thing though, to learn another language, and so far it has been very rewarding. 

We are so thankful for the school we attended and the amazing teachers who passionately taught us with patience and perseverance every day.

The place where we studied, laughed, cried, and even lived for several months
Our amazing teacher Régine whose passion and humor made learning a blast
Our class (1 of 4 classes, with around 50 students each year)
Our class, throughout the year many others came and went as well 
The learning environment 
The phrases we learned well and still use a lot!

One thought on “Language School Wrap-up

  1. Yay! – Now it’s time to listen to the French, listen hard. I know you two will do well. Looking forward to spending some time with you before long. Don’t know if you have time before the 22nd of July. We’d love to come down to your neck of the woods. I haven’t seen your place yet. We leave for the states either the 22nd or 23rd. Then we’ll be back in time for our drive together. :0)

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